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Friday, 2 December 2011

updating my blog

it has been too long since the last entry that i post..
at the end of this semester, i become very busy girl..
i have to rush to do everything..
assignment, house chores, meeting and so on..
there are too many thing to do in a short time..
and i dont have enough sleep and rest..

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

wednesday come again!

yup!! as you all know, wednesday is my EC2 class..
so we only have a class about half an hour because our class is so hot.
no aircond!!
now i know how important aircond is..
but we already given an assignment by our lecturer.
so me and my group go to library to find few sources that link to our assignment.
then, after half an hour of discussion, we go home and decided to meet again tomorrow..


honestly, im worried about my assignments..
there too many works that not done yet!
including EC interview and report..
i am soooooo worried...

mayb i wont be able to take a long sleep in order to finish all assignments


Thursday, 17 November 2011


yesterday was our EC2 class..
miss Fairuz call us by group and asking about blogs and interview questions.
blogs......i think ok,but interview questions.........hurm..
we were facing problems with our respondent, that is Bryan Nickson because i'm afraid that he wont be able to be our respondent because he will be away from Malaysia for a long time.
so after making a discussion, we decided to change our respondent to a businessman.
we don't decided yet who we gonna interview, but what important is that person is a businessman.

p/s: sad because can't meet Bryan Nickson..huhuh..

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


has won at his sports event yesterday..
gold medal okay!! hehe..

i know that we are not sure whether we really
are going to interview him or not
because we still dont know when he will go back to Malaysia..

but he already agreed to be our respondent
yippiyy!! ^_^v

so what ever it is, i will support u ok bryan..
and good luck for your next competition.

Friday, 11 November 2011


holiday is almost over.
but my assignment were never done!!

not because i'm lazy...well,yeah i'm a bit lazy..heheh
but because i don't have time and chance to meet with the other group member.
we always busy with our work..huhuhu..

but nevermind!!
no matter what,
by hook or by crook,
we will make sure that our assignment will be done in time!! yeahh!!
over!! hehe..^_^v

Friday, 4 November 2011

assignment progress

last wednesday, we were asked by miss fairuz whether we already decide about who we want to interview.
my group already decide that we want to interview bryan nickson. but it is still in progress. im not sure whether he's already back from China,but we will try to contact him. but in case that we cant interview him, maybe we have to ask a tennis player named ariez to be our respondant. that was our back up plan.